Toya is a confident and beautiful young girl who has recently  moved to the UK from her little island of Jamaica. Toya loves  her  Caribbean island very much and shares her love of her  culture  through her speech. When you listen to her talk, you  will fall in  love with her island too.
 Toya is very special, as she is the first Jamaican Patois  (Patwa)  talking doll in the world. Toya’s other friends will be  joining  her  online soon.

  • Doll Type: African/Caribbean
  • Skin Tone: Brown
  • Hair Type/Colour: Rooted Black curly synthetic hair which can be washed and styles in various ways
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Size: 18inches
  • Body type: Half cloth body with PVC and vinyl limbs and head.
  • Packaging: Beautiful window display (face only) pink  travel bag with straps.

        ***Doll comes with a dress and shoe***

Zuree dolls come in different shades of black with different types of hair textures to celebrate the diversity of girls worldwide.


International Purchasers please DO NOT select any "UK only" option from the drop down menu, select "International"located at the bottom of the list. Thank You.

Talking Jamaican Doll

There is more to Toya's speech. Purchase this unique doll to enjoy the full patois (patwa) experience.

N.B. Please select correct location of purchase UK/International

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